Benefits for Life

Benefits for Life

We offer you an exciting place to develop your career, a positive supportive environment, training, experience and opportunities and a comprehensive and highly competitive compensation and benefits package designed to recognize your achievements, both now and in the future. Procter & Gamble has always felt the success of our Company and of our employees are inseparable. This is why P&G benefit programs make employees true shareholders of the business. P&G was a pioneer in the employee benefits areas. Today, P&G’s employee benefits and family friendly policies are among the very best offered in American Consumer Products Companies.

A few of our great benefits include:

  • Health Care Benefits: As a new hire we know health care (medical and dental) benefits are important to you which is why we offer coverage beginning on your first day (as long as you enroll within 30 days of your hire date). We are also proud to be able to offer these important benefits to our employees at much lower premiums with lower deductibles than most employers. 
  • Wellness Programs: Employees’ health and well being are extremely important to P&G. P&G’s Vibrant Living and Blue Print for Healthy Living are two programs offered to educate and empower employees and their family members to make the best possible health care and lifestyle-related choices. Participation in the programs includes incentives such as earning back part of your health care deductible.
  • Retirement Plan: Profit Sharing - P&G makes an automatic contribution to your account based on your years of service & base salary (5% the first year you are eligible). You do not need to make any contribution, but may choose to add additional contributions to a P&G Stock Savings Plan. 
  • Paid Time Off: New hires will enjoy vacation, public holidays, and personal holidays.P&G has two more paid holidays on average than peer companies, and you will have the opportunity to buy an additional week of vacation using pre-tax dollars by using your FlexComp credit or through salary redirection.   
  • Flex Benefits/FlexComp: P&G provides you with a Company Credit to your FlexComp account (% of your salary based on years of service) that you can spend as you choose on a number of pre or post tax benefits including, but not limited to, buying additional vacation, child/dependent care assistance, life insurance, etc.                                                               
  • Tuition Reimbursement: P&G offers a very generous Tuition Reimbursement Plan that allows employees to seek continuing education courses or programs that are related to their current or potential next assignment within the company. We will reimburse 80% of tuition and qualifying fees (pre-approval process) with a lifetime cap of $40,000 on Company reimbursed expenses.
  • Spouse Employment Assistance: Transitioning to a new position and location is tough, and can be even more trying when a spouse or partner is involved. If you will be relocating with a spouse, or partner you are living with, we would like to make this transition a little easier by providing him/her with access to our Partner Employment Assistance Program. This is a year-long program during which she/he will be connected with a personal employment search consultant that will lead to resources in your new location.

**Disclaimer: The programs described above are examples of U.S. benefits, which may change from time to time, and are not a guarantee of any particular benefit. Each country has its own set of competitive compensation and benefits packages in line with that country’s employment market. Please select your country to see more details specific to your country’s benefits.