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Students of the World & P&G PartnerStudents of the World & P&G Partner

Learn from professors, students and Dr. Greg Allgood, Ph.D. (P&G Employee and UNC Alum) on how UNC students are partnering with P&G to make a difference around the world through P&G's Clean Drinking Water Program.


Dr. Thomas L. DawsonDr. Thomas L. Dawson
New Research Yields First-of-its-Kind Dandruff Treatment

Over the past eight years, my collaborators and I have been working to change understanding of the cause(s) and treatment of dandruff.  In that time, we’ve discovered a specific fungal cause, Malassezia globosa.  We’ve shown this yeast feeds on specific compounds in sebum, releasing free fatty acids that degrade the skin barrier.  We have also found that the scalp reacts with inflammation and epidermal proliferation.

Whitening EffectsWhitening Effects

Patient demand for whiter teeth has shown unprecedented growth in recent years. To effectively counsel patients on tooth whitening options, it is important to understand the nature of the discoloration.