History of Outstanding Innovation

1879:  IVORY- the first white soap equal in quality to imported castiles

1901: GILLETTE RAZOR - world's first disposable safety razor

1911: CRISCO - the first all-vegetable shortening

1933: DREFT - the first synthetic household detergent

1934: DRENE - the first detergent shampoo

1946: TIDE - the first heavy-duty laundry detergent

1955: CREST - the first toothpaste to prevent tooth decay

1956: COMET - scouring cleanser

1960: DOWNY - rinse add fabric softener

1961: HEAD & SHOULDERS - anti-dandruff shampoo

          PAMPERS - the first affordable, mass-marketed disposable diaper

1967: ARIEL -the first major laundry detergent with enzymes;

          BOUNTY - development of three-dimensional tissue/towel paper

1968: PRINGLES - the first fresh, unbroken potato snack introduced into test market

1972: BOUNCE - the first broadly distributed, dryeradded fabric softener

1973: DAWN – grease cutting dishwashing liquid

1978: DIDRONEL – Drug breakthrough for osteoporosis treatment

1983: ALWAYS - the first feminine protection with an innovative, dry-weave topsheet

1985: CREST TARTAR CONTROL; dentifrice to prevent tartar accumulation

1986: PERT PLUS - the first 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner

1987: ULTRA PAMPERS - diapers reduced in thickness

1988: TIDE with Bleach - the first detergent with activated bleach

1990: SPIC & SPAN Liquid - the first recycled packaging from 100% recycled plastic

1996: OLEAN - the first calorie-free, fat-eplacer ingedient

1998: FEBREZE Fabric Refresher

          DRYEL – dry cleaning at home

          SWIFFER cleaning system

2000: ACTONEL - FDA approved for treatment of osteoporosis

2001: ARIEL LiquiTabs - the first fully-soluble liquid laundry detergent pouches

2002: CREST WHITESTRIPS - In home teeth whitening system;

          OLAY TOTAL EFFECTS - anti aging facial cream

2003: OLAY REGENERIST - anti aging skin care with Amino Peptide

          FOLGERS AROMASEAL - coffee canister designed for freshness

2004: PAMPERS - BABY STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT - diaper customized for baby’s growth and development

          PRINGLES PRINTS - potato snacks with a message

          FEBREZE AIR EFFECTS - air freshener with odor control


          PANTENE EXPRESSIONS – shampoo for color treated hair

          TIDE COLDWATER - laundry detergent that saves energy

          TIDE WITH A TOUCH OF DOWNY - laundry detergent plus fabric softener;

          MR. CLEAN AUTODRY - car care system

2006: CREST PRO HEALTH - oral rinse

           OLAY DEFINITY - age defying lotion;

           GILLETTE FUSION - razor

2007: PULSONIC- self cleaning electric razor

2008: BOUNCE DRYER BAR – attaches safely to the inside of your dryer and freshens every load automatically

2009: OLD SPICE EVER CLEAR – clear and scented long-lasting deodorant

          COVER GIRLS LASHBLAST – volume boosting mascara

          TIDE STAIN RELEASE – in wash booster

2010: DURACELL MYGRID – charges multiple devices while placed on the myGrid

2011: OLAY PROFESSIONAL PRO X CLEAR - total skincare solutions to help bring acne under control

          OLAY HAIR REMOVAL DUO – removes fine to medium unwanted facial hair

2012: FEBREZE CAR VENT CLIP - delivers the long-unfilled promise of car air fresheners           

          GILLETTE FUSION PROGLIDE STYLER – a new precision 3-in-1 styling tool to serve men who trim and style their facial hair.