Leadership Development

Leadership Development

P&G's Technical Career System (TCS)

The TCS diagram shows the complete R&D Technical Career System, from level to level (Note that the size of the blocks is roughly proportional to the percentage of global R&D employees at that level within P&G). Based on the size of the blocks, you can see that the majority of R&D employees are at the Senior Researcher, Principal Researcher and Senior Scientist/Engineer levels. Doctoral level individuals enter the system at the Scientist/Engineer level. Based on the numbers, we have about 45% of the R&D TCS population in the Researcher community (Researcher, Senior Researcher, Principal Researcher). The largest single level is the Senior Scientist/Engineer, with about 25% of the TCS population. You can see two parallel tracks – a Technologist or a T-Track and a Management or M-Track. This dual career ladder sits on top of the 5 core levels. You have to be a proven technical contributor before you can get onto the dual ladder. The choice to pursue the “M-Track” or the “T-Track” is made at the Senior Scientist/ Engineer level. A key feature of this dual career ladder is that the positions at the same level are equivalent to each other for compensation. So, for example, Principal Scientists/Engineers and Section Heads are paid from the same salary curves and are eligible for the same benefits. This is the same for the next two levels. You can notice that the size of the blocks get progressively smaller as you go up the ladder. This shows that there are fewer positions at the higher levels. The system is a pyramid.

View our Technical Career System.


On the Job Training

An R&D program called NewLiNC is designed for all P&G new hire engineers & scientists. NewLiNC enrolls and empowers new hires to be successful by learning about R&D’s role and equity--- who we are, what we do, how we do it and how we benefit our consumers. Importantly, NewLiNC participants learn how to create innovations that meet the needs and delight these global consumers. To do this, they learn about key models like holistic innovation. NewLiNC also provides training on how to create a successful career path at P&G. 

Another important component of the NewLiNC experience is making the right connections with
networking opportunities. P&G Corporate training opportunities provide employees with all the key skills necessary to have a successful career- for example, classes are offered on all the P&G Success Drivers. Research & Development created R&D University with curriculum that provides critical training at each career level provided by instructors who are experienced senior R&D managers.


R&D Mentoring

Mentoring at P&G is another outlet to enhance your career and is widely encouraged as research shows a clear advantage for mentored versus non-mentored employees in terms of socialization, satisfaction, and salary. A mentor is someone who is a colleague who fundamentally acts as a trusted counselor, coach, role model, advisor, and “voice of experience.” The mentor’s goal is to help the mentee achieve his/her full potential.


Communities of Practice

P&G R&D has many internal connections and networks, one of which is our group of “Communities of Practice” (CoPs). These networks are designed to leverage our knowledge and expertise across our businesses by learning from field leaders which encourages continuous learning of cutting edge science and technology, builds mastery, and ensures you are well equipped to create solutions to complex problems.

The Mission of these Communities is to:

  • Advance Individual & Collective Technical Mastery
  • Make Connections for Problem Solving
  • Create Better/Faster Exploitation of Technology Across Global Business Units and Corporate Functions (R&D)
  • Keep P&G Abreast of State-Of-The-Art and Emerging Technologies and Capabilities