Meet Our Scientists & Engineers

Meet Our Scientists & Engineers

Dr. Stephanie Urbin - Inorganic Chemistry

"The story that usually gets told to consumers is a warm, fuzzy, and simplified version, but here at P&G, I know that our products rely on scientific innovation? and even better, I am now one of the people that creates technologies for the future!"

Dr. Yuli Song - Microbiology

Dr. Yuli Song received her Ph.D. in microbiology from Gifu University School of Medicine, Japan (2000) and her M.S.c. in immunology from China Medical University, China (1994). Yuli joined Procter & Gamble in 2006. She entered the company as a microbiologist supporting pet care, personal health care, and oral care. In 2009 Yuli decided to leverage her expertise working as a Senior Scientist in Oral Care specializing in front end innovation biology projects. Her research focuses on the use of probiotics to improve oral health.

Dr. Scott E. Belanger - Research Fellow

Today I lead the development of methods to guide technology development of P&G chemicals broadly across all business and I have oversight of the Company’s environmental toxicology laboratories working with algae, invertebrates and fish in our new state of the art facilities at Mason Business Center. I also lead the coordination of the Company’s broad portfolio of research in human and environmental safety for the Global Product Stewardship organization.

Dr. Lola Kelley-Smalls - Senior Scientist

My first assignment at P&G was in Beauty Clinical Science for the Deodorants Category. After three years, I transitioned into the Beauty Sensory Group as the Sensory Scientist for Deodorants. Sensory Science was a new field for me; however, my training as a PhD, provided the background needed to fundamentally understand the work and my clinical experience allowed me to think about the work from a different perspective. The Sensory Science role has given me the opportunity to work across several areas in Beauty from Cosmetics to Body Wash to Shave Care products.

Dr. Nancy Sevieux - Senior Scientist

I started in Oral Care Regulatory supporting our toothpaste and whitening categories. Both of which are regulated by the FDA. Then I transferred to Family Care supporting our paper towel and tissue business regulated by the EPA. I have learned diverse regulations but the core skills I learned in my PhD program continues to serve me well.

Dr. Vidyapati Vidyapati - Engineer

I started my first assignment at Corporate Engineering Technology Laboratory (CETL) in May 2012. I am working as particle process engineer and still in my first phase of assignment. Nevertheless, I am getting ownership on different projects and enough challenges to further hone my skill and expertise in the area of particle flow.

Dr. Yufang Hu - Scientist

I started in the HDL Product Design section in Fabric & Home Care in October 2011. During this time my main project was the development of a new line of liquid laundry detergent called Tide Simply Clean and Fresh that will be launched early next year. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to participate in a downstream delivery project team to see how products were designed, delivered, and manufactured at P&G. It is a great feeling that as I walk down the laundry aisle in stores I can see the results of work by my colleagues and my team. In July 2013 I began a new assignment in the Strategic Innovation & Technology division in Fabric & Home Care.

Dr. Fei Wang - Scientist/Engineer

I started process development of upstream work and now involved significantly both on process and product development.

Dr. Mike Flagler - Senior Scientist

I started my career in 2010 in the P&G Hair Care Division working in new Product Development. I worked on many projects related to developing new methods and capabilities to demonstrate product performance benefits. I was advanced to Senior Scientist in 2013, and transitioned to a role in Skin Care Technology Development, where I am currently working.

Dr. Praveen Depa - Senior Scientist

I started as a post-doc in Brussels after graduating from Penn State. During the period, I was able to assess my career interests and compare with opportunities at P&G. I also got a taste of working with folks from different research expertise level, multiple business objectives, cultural backgrounds etc, and really liked the experience. Hence, I decided to continue with the company when a full-time opportunity came up in the US.

Dr. Douglas Nelson Clarke - Scientist

I started in Global Biotechnology TPT Group. I am already leading projects and coaching current employees.