P&G Engineers Bring Braun’s Pulsonic Technology to Life

P&G Engineers Bring Braun’s Pulsonic Technology to Life

10,000 Micro Vibrations Capture more hair with every stroke for Braun’s most thorough shave

Breakthrough Pulsonic technology allows for a perfect shave using Braun. The simulation of mechanical, magnetic and electrical properties have been major drivers to design the complex sonic drive system of Pulsonic time- and cost-optimized. Pulsonic is an exemplary case of a highly integrated electromechanical system, in which all components are designed to operate in tandem at optimum conditions. The combination of a high frequency linear motor that drives the dynamic shaver head, together with a new dedicated adaptive cutting system (which could form another innovation story on its own) clearly delivers the desired consumer experience. This could be clearly shown in test with consumers in which Pulsonic clearly outperformed, even among loyal users, a competitor top-of-the-line shaver.

Product Innovation

Braun has innovated men´s shaving with every new shaver generation since the introduction of its breakthrough shaver S50 in 1950. Since then, the company has succeeded to delight consumers by giving them the best shave to make them look and feel their best. Consumers want their shaver to give them a smooth skin – a skin they love to feel and touch. On a functional level, the shave more