Surfactant Chemistry Breakthrough

Introducing Tide Pods

P&G’s first multi-chamber laundry detergent, Tide PODS, adds a whole new dimension to laundry, with an innovative look, feel and performance. This revolutionary new three-chamber liquid unit dose form is an ultra-convenient, 3-in-1 laundry product that cleans, fights stains and brightens. Tide PODS delivers unequivocal wins for the consumer – the best overall cleaning experience ever via a combination of great design, performance and convenience– and the customer, with growth by premium product design and reigniting interest in the category. The consumer-inspired, technology-driven innovation builds on Tide’s long heritage of delivering superior cleaning with breakthrough technology.

The unique, three-chamber liquid unit dose pods deliver great Tide cleaning in a unit dose form that is twice as compacted as liquid detergent today: 

  • Designed to handle a bTide Pods - Surfactant Chemistry Breakthroughroad range of challenging conditions and soils in both traditional and high efficiency machines, the new formula provides a powerful Tide clean that consumers have grown to know and love.
  • Each convenient pod is pre-measured so it is simple to use and consistently delivers trusted Tide cleaning performance. 
  • In use testing, we have seen major improvements versus current products across several key drivers of laundry satisfaction. Specifically, Tide PODS drives an increase of more than 25% in satisfaction on “provides a deep down clean” and “bright whiteness” and an increase of more than 43% in “completely removes difficult stains” and “excellent results with minimal time and effort.” 


It took years in development, with more than 6,000 consumers involved in research and over 450 packaging and product sketches. Tide PODS is a breakthrough liquid unit dose with innovation in three key areas:

  • To deliver a small liquid unit dose, a new formula was created that is HE compatible and twice as compacted as current 2x Tide Liquid.
  • The three-chamber unit dose design allows the unique chemistry matrix to work synergistically in the wash for excellent results.
  • Because dissolution of the liquid unit dose is a key consumer trial barrier, we are using a new film that dissolves completely in the wash, even in cold water.
  • Innovative, easy-to-use tub packaging ensures that no “leftover” detergent is stuck at the bottom.