Our Process

Our Process

Innovation is our lifeblood. Procter and Gamble has a proven track record of innovation leadership that has guided and sustained our Company’s success for nearly 175 years. It is also at the heart of our Purpose Inspired Growth Strategy; to touch and improve more consumers’ lives, in more parts of the world, more completely.

Consumer Research

Innovation starts with a deep understanding of consumers and their needs. It's is all about connecting "what's needed" with "what's possible". To do this, we have more than 1,700 scientists and researchers worldwide; many of those have a PhD. We hold more than 29,000 patented technologies for products that are on the market and continue to register patents on a daily basis.

Basic Research

All P&G products start with basic research, driven by scientific interest to further our internal knowledge in our 11 core competencies.  Examples of our basic research include identification and sequencing of genes, enzyme expression, molecular modeling simulation, and use of X-ray crystallography to identify enzyme structure.  Basic research lays the foundation for the applied research we do in our R&D subdisciplines.

Check out our Publications & Patents page to see list of recent work from our scientists.

Formulation Science

Formulation science is a cornerstone of product development, requiring innovative technology to aid researchers in finding the most effective, safest and esthetically pleasing ingredients. Additionally, scientists seek out new ways to make current products last longer and research chemistry combinations to deliver multi-faceted products.

Connect + Develop

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